Orchestra 2001 Announces the Appointment of
Jayce Ogren as its New Artistic Director

Following an extensive two-year search with applicants from all across the US and six continents, the entire Orchestra family is extremely pleased to welcome its new Artistic Director Jayce Ogren!

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I’m so thrilled to be joining Orchestra 2001 as its new Artistic Director. I loved working with these musicians from our very first rehearsal together last year, and I know our future collaborations will reach greater and greater heights of artistry, communicativeness and expressive power. Together with our excellent board and staff, we’ll strive to make Orchestra 2001 an international leader in the performance of new music, as well as a deeply relevant presence in our local community and beyond.
          Jayce Ogren – Artistic Director, Orchestra 2001

I am delighted that, following our search for a new artistic director, Orchestra 2001 has signed a contract with Jayce Ogren. We canvassed many members of the orchestra's community including players, audience members, donors, and board members, and Jayce made a strong favorable impression on all constituencies. The Board hopes that Jayce will provide us with strong artistic leadership as Orchestra 2001 continues its mission as Philadelphia's largest ensemble dedicated to 20th- and 21st-century music. We look forward to working with Jayce as he brings his energy to an exciting season in 2016-17 and in the years to come.                   
          Jonathan Hodgson – President, Board of Directors, Orchestra 2001

Artistic Director Emeritus James Freeman was pleased to learn that Jayce had been offered and accepted the offer to lead the ensemble that he founded in 1988. As Jayce gets to know the city and its arts scene, we look forward to introducing him to new and long-time audiences in the Philadelphia area and Swarthmore. 

Currently residing in Brooklyn, Jayce is an award-winning triathlete and will wear the Orchestra 2001 logo while participating in this year’s Philadelphia Marathon on November 20th while in town for a musical event that weekend. 

Showing Orchestra 2001’s continued commitment to local composers, musicians and soloists, Jayce will inaugurate a new multi-year project – “Locally Sourced” – that will pair music by Philadelphia-area composers and performers with locally produced food, drink and other products in annual events around the city.

“...performances that displayed a controlled abandon seldom heard in new-music concerts... Such challenging programming is exactly what Orchestra 2001 should be doing.”   – David Patrick Stearns, The Philadelphia Inquirer 9/22/2015 “Orchestra 2001 Rocks Hard” 

“[Orchestra 2001] occupies a place of such importance that a classical music community without it seems unimaginable.”     –  Peter Dobrin, The Philadelphia Inquirer  

Orchestra 2001 Thanks its Foundation,
Governmentand Organizational Donors!